I love going to weddings, tough I haven’t been too many.. not going to anyone this year either, but I love putting together looks anyways;

cute wedding look

Such a cute look, and the look I’d most likely wear. The dress is from H&M, that is in fact very impressive.

elegant wedding look


An elegant wedding look in a dress from By Marlene Birger, god how I love that designer…

Cool wedding look

You don’t¬†always have to wear dresses to weddings, skirts or trousers can look just as pretty. This is a very cool and fashionable¬†look. A lovely match of YSL, Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Philip Lim.

Have you been to, or are you going to any weddings this year or this summer?

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5 responses to “READY FOR WEDDINGS

  1. Great looks lady! Trust me you will get your time at weddings, it happens between the ages of 24-27, it’s like the world is getting married LOL.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. so beautiful
    how did you pick all such lovely stylings? i would loveeee to wear all of them to different weddings :) sadly not that i know of these days but hope so!

  3. wow! kjolen fra Hm var megafin! :D

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