I might have shared this video with you before, but here it is again.. Just because I´m so proud of this song. It´s called Dawn, and I wrote it aaaall by myself. I’m also in this competition – The winner wins a contract with Sony Music, which is huge!  It would mean the world to me if you could press here, and then press the button “STEM” which means “vote”. I really, really want to win this.

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5 responses to “VOTE FOR ME – DAWN

  1. Steemt ! :)) Du er superflink! <3
    Du er flink som kan skrive sanger, jeg får det virkelig ikke til :P
    sv. tusin takk :))

  2. Flink <3 Har stemt :D

  3. Har stemt nå! flenk!

  4. For en nydelig sang! Du fikk min stemme!

  5. Lemonzest

    oh interesting post and video..

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